Migration 7th Application

Please refer to the following info and apply.

️😀 Notice

Players who want to transfer account data from DICAST: GOLD to DICAST: RULES OF CHAOS

please apply the migration by clicking the APPLY button below.

Please note that P2E will be available in DICAST: RULES OF CHAOS however, P2E will be no longer available in DICAST: GOLD from Feb 1st 2023.

⏰ Migration Schedule

✅ Application Period : Jul 7th ~ Jul 31st 00:00 UTC 2023

✅ Game Data Snapshot Time : Jul. 31st 00:00 UTC 2023. Migration will be processed based on the snapshot time.

✅ Migration Date : TBA

1️⃣ NFT transfer support

The NFTs held in the GOLD station are transferred to the ROC station.

(NFTs in GOLD Station will be transferred to ROC Station.)

2️⃣ DB Transferable List
1. Gems/Gold and Goods 2. Hero

Gems : Current number of Gems the user holds

Gold : Current number of Gold the user holds

Fragments of Everything : Current number of Fragment of Everything the user holds

DIA : Current number of DIA the user holds

Hero Grade : Current Grade of Hero

Hero Shards : Current Hero Shards remaining for each Hero

Gear level : Gear level for each Hero

Gear Shards : Current Gear Shards remaining for each Hero

3. Base 4. Card

Base Grade : Current Grade of Base

Base Shards : Current Base Shards remaining for each base

All Cards currently owned by the user

5. Other 6. Product

Emoji : All Emoji currently owned by the user

Dice Skin : All the Dice skins currently owned by the user

Title : All titles owned by the user

Portrait : All portraits owned by the user

Hero Pass Premium : Unlock Hero Pass Premium in ROC after verifying the purchase history

❌ Non-Transfer List
1. RP (League) 2. Achievements

RP and League in GOLD not transferable

Achievements progressed and completed in GOLD not transferable

3. Quest 4. Product

Quests progressed and completed in GOLD not transferable

Dungeon Pass Premium : Not transferable. Items received through Dungeon Pass Premium are already included in the account. Payments made in January 2023 cannot be transferred.

Daily Pack : Remaining rewards will be compensated in ROC. Payments made in January 2023 cannot be transferred

🔥 Precautions

- Existing ROC account's Gem/Gold are not preserved and Hero/Base/Cards are transferred based on the GOLD data. Hero/Base/Cards in ROC will be maintained along with the Achievements and Quests.

- After applying for GOLD > ROC transfer, once the transfer is complete, the existing GOLD account cannot be used.

💌 How to apply for Migration
Step 1 - Create ROC account

Before applying, you must install DICAST: RULES OF CHAOS(ROC) and connect your wallet at the ROC Station.

ROC is available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

Step 2 - Apply

Please click on the button below to apply for the migration.

You cannot cancel migration after applying, and NFTs deposited will be moved to ROC Station on Jan 30th.

NFTs that are not fully charged are also available for transfer.